Long before my heart connected with all things NZ, I was mesmerised by the Haka. Performed by the All Blacks, their body language told me of their commitment and ambition, all striving towards one goal (or several actually!). To this Romanian chick, the Haka seemed to mobilise the entire team. Xero founder Rod Drury may well be offering up a different Haka: Global from Day One! Believe it, plan for it and act on it. This is his key message.

Collaborating with competitors and reminding the bigger investment market where your success was bred, helps turn the world's attention to your launching pad. This is what creates hubs, this is real leverage. There is a lot to be learned here by other industries seeking to launch their own success stories. Including that you don't need to resort to places where doing business is difficult, just to get an advantage.

#globalfromday1, perhaps too long to be a # but such a great message.